Seasonal Globe [PC]

Created during my Masters course at the University of Hull, this snowglobe simulation cycles through the seasons. The tree grows using a fractal algorithm, it sprouts leaves, which turn brown and fall off, it also gets struck by lightning and burns down. All the graphical effects were coded in GLSL, and demonstrate normal mapped texture splatting on the ground, reflection, flexible particle systems, and SAVSM shadows (a complex shadow algorithm detailed in GPUGems3). The house was automatically modelled by my procedural building generator, and the code base was in C++, with OpenGL and GLSL.

You can download the executable and full source here:

You’ll need the VS2010 redist, available here.

Procedural Terrain [PC]

This simulation was written for my 3rd year project, where I was tasked to create a fractal terrain visualization. The final version uses a diamond square fractal algorithm to create the heightmaps, and texture splatting is used to apply different materials to the surface. The application has a seperate thread for terrain generation which is constantly creating new terrain to put into the scene, and as such the world that is explorable is infinite in size.

It was created in C++ with Visual Studio 2010, along with DirectX 9.0 and HLSL for the graphics.

You may need to install DirectX February 2010 redist and VS2010 redist, from here and here

Space Fighter [PC]

Space Fighter pits up to 4 players against each other in a classic space deathmatch…to the death…with a vengeance. Or something. There’s shooting, exploding, pretty effects and possibly even some fun.

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Astral Catapult [PC]

This colourful platforming game has you flinging a beach ball between various platforms, trying to reach the top.

It was created by a team of 5 University students, of which I was lead programmer and graphics coder. We worked for approximately 2 months on this project for one of our modules, and were very pleased with the result.


ThrottleX [PSP]

ThrottleX is a racing platformer game for the PSP. It features a full level editor, ability to download new levels and save replays.
Download v0.3 (More Info) (Forum Thread)
Download v0.2 (Forum Thread)
Download v0.1 (Forum Thread)

Tipster Unzip/Unrar [PSP]

A PSP utility that allows you to browse and uncompress .RAR and .ZIP files without needing to use a computer.
Download v0.3 (Forum Thread)


A 3D FPS with built in level editor for the PSP.

Download v0.6 (Forum Thread)